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LANBI machines are offered with the possibility to be connected to LANBI Industry 4.0 Platform.

Thanks to this connection, customer can access to machine data from any device connected to Internet in absolute real time. Data is automatically taken from machine PLC, in such a way that there is no need of typing manually any data into the system.

The information provided to our customers is related to Production data, Machine OEE, Machine Stop Diagnosis, Predictive Maintenance, Part Quality measurements, Cpks, everything through Customized Reports generated automatically by email.
This system enables further relationship between Customer and LANBI, based

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LANBI has delivered a multireference axial-radial stabilizer link assembly line for a German multinational, including a full range of controls. One only operator is responsible of managing a complete automatic and robotized cell based on 22 stations divided in two rotary tables.

LANBI can provide this kind of assembly totally automatic or in a semiautomatic mode, adapting the solution always to customer

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LANBI has recently been awarded with a global project to supply in the next two years four assembly lines for Suspension Systems, for a total value of more than 6 million Euros. The destination of the project is a very important OEM Suspension System Manufacturer located in Canada.

With this order LANBI consolidates sales in North America, where 25% of the total activity is destined.

This project is the first one where LANBI machines manufactures components for BEV (Battery Electric

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Established in January 2019 in Ningbo, Zheijang, through a Partnership Agreement with a local manufacturer, LANBI China strategy is focused on “being close to the customer offering the best and most competitive Solutions and Services, mainly for Automotive Steering and Suspension Systems”

During last year, LANBI China has been involved in several automotive projects, manufacturing and doing onsite set-up.

Nowadays, under LANBI Basque Country Supervision, LANBI China is offering the following services:

Project Management
Commercial and customized components manufacturing
Mechanical reassembly and set-up
Technical Service

Feel free to contact us to know more about LANBI

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LANBI has consolidated during 2019 and beginning of 2020 company Market Strategy, signing agreements with Northamerica, Turkey and France for the supply of 11 New Generation LANBI Lathes for Ball Studs.

Some of the new contracts include 100% automatic cells with ball burnishing, thread rolling and final quality control verification operations, having also the possibility of automatic dimension offset correction.

Additionally, LANBI has developed an Industry 4.0 Platform, specially designed for Ball Stud Lathes, which is helpful for the production & maintenance management, monitoring in real time lathe status from any device connected to the internet. Thanks to this

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A customer focused business model has enabled LANBI to position itself as a Top Steering and Suspension System machine supplier. Exporting around 95% of the machines to a lot of different countries around the globe, LANBI is well aware that local help is necessary to get closer to our customers, building bridges between different cultures, supporting in communications and improving the Service strategy.

Turkey being a target market, LANBI has reached to an agreement with Mrs Goncagül Bilen for local representation, supporting LANBI in Sales and Service. This step will surely help in expanding LANBI´s market in Turkey and

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With a turnover of 20 Million Euros, LANBI has got a new record. Focused in Steering and Suspension Systems, assembly and machining machines for ball joints and control arms are the core business of LANBI, delivering machines for countries like USA, Germany, Norway, Czech Republic, China, France, Canada, Poland and Russia.

 Staff increase of 25% has helped to face everyday challenges and orient the company to our customers, providing the best technical solutions with the highest quality, all through a first class project management, oriented to customer satisfaction and compliance with delivery deadlines.

 R+D hours have been dedicated during

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Lanbi has undergone a Research and Development process for upgrading its current lathe machines in order to offer the complete process of ball stud manufacturing. We have opted for combining all the needed processes to manufacture and ensure the best quality of the ball stud in only one installation.

The following processes are carried out:

Shaft Machining
Ball Machining
Thread Rolling
Quality control (dimensional and crack checking)
Fully Automated, no operators
Cycle Time 10 sec-part

With the new design, our clients will be able to significantly reduce costs and time, giving them the edge over the competitors to

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2016 Record in sales

With sales of 21 Million Euro, LANBI has got a new record in 2016. Thanks to the loyalty of our customers, LANBI is achieving long term relationships which help us to be more effective, understanding better the needs of our clients and supplying full tested solutions.

LANBI has increased its workforce in some key positions inside the company and after some organization improvements and a continuous standarization of designs, LANBI has got more capacity for getting involved in new and bigger projects.

Ball Joint and Control Arm machining and assembly machines and other solutions for Suspension and Steering Systems

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