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Worldwide Customized Solutions for Ball Joints

LANBI manufactures machining and assembly installations on a turnkey basis, applying the most appropriate and latest technologies to offer tailored solutions. By means of our Worldwide Strategic Service Net, LANBI provides an immediate and comprehensive support package covering all aspects of what the modern day user expects when purchasing high capital equipment.

Latest news

EPS Motor Assembly lines

LANBI has recently supplied to one of the most important worldwide steering manufacturers two more EPS Motor Assembly Lines for USA and Poland. In this way LANBI has completed a set of 5 semiautomatic lines built with the latest technological level regarding communications and traceability.   With these lines LANBI

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Inner Ball Joint Assembly Line

LANBI has recently delivered a FAST ASSEMBLY LINE FOR INNER BALL JOINT ASSEMBLY AND CONTROL for a leading multinational company in the field. Along 18 stations the inner ball joint is assembled and controlled, storing all the resulting data in a PC. A 5 seconds cycle time is achieved, palletizing

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