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Worldwide Customized Solutions for Ball Joints

LANBI manufactures machining and assembly installations on a turnkey basis, applying the most appropriate and latest technologies to offer tailored solutions. By means of our Worldwide Strategic Service Net, LANBI provides an immediate and comprehensive support package covering all aspects of what the modern day user expects when purchasing high capital equipment.

Latest news

4 new orders for RENAULT

LANBI has been recently awarded by RENAULT with 4 new orders to make the updating of several lines for a new motor model. LANBI started working for RENAULT group in 1980 and, since then, more than 100 installations have been manufactured. In this case, LANBI has to modify one assembly

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LANBI has recently delivered 2 Automatic Palletized Lines for Ball Joint Assembly and Control for a leading Northamerican multinational company in the field. Along 15 stations the ball joint is assembled, thermal calibrated and controlled, storing all the resulting data related to each part in a PC. Finally the part

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LANBI New Generation Lathes

During 2015, LANBI has developed New Generation Lathes for Ball Stud turning and burnishing, integrating Robotized handling and servocontrolled turrets for tool change. Thanks to these upgrades, LANBI new lathes are generating big interest on Ball Joint manufacturers, being best example of it, the 3 new orders signed during second

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